About ICD9Data.com and ICD10Data.com
In 2003 we bought a ICD-9-CM software package that was slow, unintuitive and grossly overpriced. So we set out to write our own, and released it as a commercial product later that year. Through thousands of revisions and updates, the software gradually evolved into ICD9Data.com and ICD10Data.com.
Site Ownership
ICD9Data.com and ICD10Data.com are wholly owned and operated by Alkaline Software, a publisher of medical, financial and social databases. ICD9Data.com was launched in April 2006 and ICD10Data.com was launched in November 2010. No other companies have direct or indirect ownership stakes in Alkaline Software.
Site Sponsorship
ICD9Data.com and ICD10Data.com are supported through participation in the Google Adsense program, which provides context-appropriate advertising for a subset of website pages. Google is a third-party arbitrator in deciding what ads to display. We do not run direct-paid advertising on ICD9Data.com or ICD10Data.com.
Privacy Policy
Please consult our privacy policy statement located at: www.icd9data.com/privacy.html.
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Please email us anytime at feedback@icd10data.com.