Non-specific code 2014 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 200.0
  • Non-Billable Code
  • There are 9 ICD-9-CM codes below 200.0 that define this diagnosis in greater detail. Do not use this code on a reimbursement claim.
Clinical Information
  • (foll-ik-yew-lar large cell lim-fo-ma) a rare type of non-hodgkin's lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system) with large cells that look cleaved (split) or non-cleaved under the microscope. It is an indolent (slow-growing) type of lymphoma.
  • Rare type of nonhodgkin's lymphoma of intermediate to high malignancy, characterized by the presence of large tumor cells that resemble histiocytes morphologically but are considered to be of lymphoid origin.
Applies To
  • Lymphoma (malignant):
    • histiocytic (diffuse):
      • nodular
      • pleomorphic cell type
    • reticulum cell type
  • Reticulum cell sarcoma:
    • NOS
    • pleomorphic cell type
ICD-9-CM Volume 2 Index entries containing back-references to 200.0:
  • Lymphoma (malignant) (M9590/3) 202.8
    • histiocytic (diffuse) (M9640/3) 200.0
      • nodular (M9642/3) 200.0
      • pleomorphic cell type (M9641/3) 200.0
    • large cell (M9640/3) 200.7
      • anaplastic 200.6
      • nodular (M9642/3) 202.0
      • pleomorphic cell type (M9641/3) 200.0
    • nodular (M9690/3) 202.0
      • histiocytic (M9642/3) 200.0
      • lymphocytic (M9690/3) 202.0
        • intermediate differentiation (M9694/3) 202.0
        • poorly differentiated (M9696/3) 202.0
      • mixed (cell type) (lymphocytic-histiocytic) (small cell and large cell) (M9691/3) 202.0
    • reticulum cell (type) (M9640/3) 200.0
  • Lymphosarcoma (M9610/3) 200.1
    • reticulum cell (M9640/3) 200.0
  • Reticulosarcoma (M9640/3) 200.0
    • nodular (M9642/3) 200.0
    • pleomorphic cell type (M9641/3) 200.0
  • Sarcoma (M8800/3) - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
    • reticulum cell (M9640/3) 200.0
      • nodular (M9642/3) 200.0
      • pleomorphic cell type (M9641/3) 200.0
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